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Our Commitment




 We make sure you will be completely satisfied Whether your project is large or small. Uncompromising quality at competitive pricing we work closely with you as a partner at every stage of your project to ensure your satisfaction.
Fit It 4 Me Alterations


Approximate Cost

Hem $75 & up
Linings increase prices
Hem with Pleats/Details $95 &up
Slim $65 &up
Shorten Sleeves $38 &up
Shorten Sleeves (Detailed Cuff) $55 &up
Slim Sleeves $35 &up
Adjust Shoulder (No Sleeves) $58 &up
Adjust Shoulder (With Sleeves) $75 and up

Adjust Waist $58 &up incense with bone


Wadding Gown with appointment only

Jackets & Coats Approximate Cost 
Leather jacket $65 & up without a zippers 

Shorten $65 &up linings increase prices Slim $40 &up
Shorten Sleeves (from cuff) $48& up
Shorten Sleeves (from shoulder) $75&up
Slim Sleeves for $38 &up
Adjust Shoulders for $95 &up
 Alterations price list! All prices are subject to change without any
notice. Sorry, but we cannot control price increases by our suppliers.

Our Price List

Tops, Shirts & Blouses   

Approximate Cost

Hem $18 &up
Slim $25 &up
Shorten Sleeves (no cuff details)  $25 &up
Shorten Sleeves (with cuff details) $25 &up
Adjust Shoulders (no sleeves)$25 &up
Adjust Shoulder (with sleeves) $45 &up
Slim Sleeves $15 &up
Add Darts $10 &up
Pants & Bottoms
Approximate Cost

Hem$18 &up Linings increase prices
Slim Leg $28 &up
Adjust Waist $28 &up

Approximate Cost

Hem $18 &up
Original Hem $28 &up
Slim Leg $35 &up
Adjust Waist $35 &up

Dresses & Skirts 

Approximate Cost 

Hem $38 & upLinings increase prices

Hem with Pleats/Details $45 &up

Slim $25 &up

Sleeves $25 & up

Shorten Sleeves (Detailed Cuff) $35 &up

Slim Sleeves $25 &upAdjust Shoulder (No Sleeves) $25 &up

Adjust Shoulder (With Sleeves) $55 & up


Other Approximate

Cost Add

Zippers/Buttons $28 &up Move

Zipper $40 &up

Heavily Embellished Items  $140 and up

Hem Leather $175& up

For Your Household Alterations or any other questions 
Please call us at
310-652-1210 or 310-652-1200
& ask for Homa for the pricing


1232 S La Cienega
Blvd, La Ca 90035


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